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Welcome to Ascent. We are a guild of 2 members who recently moved our mains from Doomhammer to Drak'thul. We were tired of the burned out raiders in our previous economy and took a step back in progression to join the newer members on this server. We hope to build a strong base of raiders and develop a 10/25 man raid team that dominates with server firsts that other guilds look up upon.

We will have instant access to ICC 25 HM's, however they will not be accessed till me and the other officers deem the guild ready to do so. We will do our best to develop a fair and organized loot system. There will always be disagreements with this but our promise to you is that we will not award loot without a full balanced view of who we are awarding it to. A DKP system will be developed as we fill our raid teams.

As of right now Raid times will be as follows...

Friday 10amsvt - 2pmsvt
Saturday 1pmsvt - 430pmsvt
Sunday  1pmsvt - 430pmsvt

Raids will start as 10man progression runs until we fill the rosters, when we have close to 2 10 man raid teams we will pug a few people to develop a 25 man run.

We fully understand that RL > WoW so there will be Alt runs during the week that I(Gyniverre) will put together. If there is a raid that you would like to run send me in game mail and i will see if i can get it developed. With that being said, new members will be ranked as a trial. We expect a 75% attendence rate during your 3 week period. If you make the raid team we expect that to be maintained.

Again welcome to Ascent. We hope to see you in game

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gyniverre, Jul 21, 10 6:06 AM.
We are recruiting all class's and all spec's please apply if interested
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